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What is Feedback Loop?

Feedback Loop is our very own Dungeons and Dragons stream.This stream lets viewers join us as we play test new material of our own creation. This material is set to be published in our very own subclass sourcebook, The Tabletop Tome of Travelers. Watch Dungeon Master Ryan Woolley lead Val Warner, Angel Cotto Jr., Noel Cielo Jr., Chris Boyd, Matthew Curcio, and Cidalia Silva through a world of his own creation, while also getting a taste of our future product.

Meet the DM

Ryan has been playing Dungeons and Dragons since 2015. He was originally introduced to 1st edition but fell in love when he started playing 5e. He first started to DM games about a year later for some college friends. He was the only one with experience so naturally, he fell into the DM role. It was through their games he found out how much he really liked running sessions and creating his own content. At the time he was going to school for game design and 5e was in its early stages, so Ryan had loads of fun filling in the gaps by practicing what he was learning with a fun hobby. So, we are lucky enough to have Feedback Loop take place in his very own world, K’varrn.

The World of K’varrn:


Thousands of years ago there were only five races that inhabited K’varrn… Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Dragons, and Giants. The gods walked amongst men and influenced what they pleased. Then the Horizon Eclipse happened. An event that forever changed the world… Dimensions crashed into each other, creating magic, monsters, and new beings from the chaos. After some time the Gods were able to pry the worlds back apart, but the plane was forever scarred by the chaos that ensued. The gods have not been seen since.

Our players will mostly be traveling in Rusøknavia, a nation in K’varrn, during this campaign. This nation is one of warrior culture and simple laws. You don’t steal, you don’t murder, and you don’t deny the will of the gods. If you follow those three things you’ll maybe survive the harsh tundras and volcanic landscapes around you.


You can play test too!

Help us play test this content for The Tabletop Tome of Travelers!

Playtest at home!

Every three months we will be releasing a play test document that will showcase a set of subclasses. These subclasses are the current drafts of what will eventually be in The Tabletop Tome of Travelers.
We will then also have a survey for play test participants to fill out which will help us fine tune each subclass for publication.These subclasses will also include some of the one's being used on Feedback Loop!

Please keep in mind that these are not fined tuned subclasses, and they are by our own original design. They are also in no way apart of official Dungeons and Dragons publication by Wizards of the Coast.

Round One - Completed
Round Two - Completed
Round Three - Completed
Round Four - 4/15/22 - 7/15/22

The Round Four Play Test Document:

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Round Four Survey:

Click here to take are round four survey!