Tabletop Gaming Center is a pioneer in the tabletop gaming community, bringing a fresh approach to community. On the border of Newington and New Britain, come hang out with us as we play our favorite games at a one-of-a-kind tabletop game store.

At Tabletop Gaming Center, we are focused on creating a positive atmosphere  and hope to help you forage lasting memories. 

Connecting our Community Members

Since launching our business we have made it a priority to connect members of our community with one another. Whether that be through teaching the community about tabletop games through our lesson plans, or actually playing and having fun with each other!

We strive to give a reminder to unwind and spend time doing the things that make us feel good. Visit us today to start having some fun!

The Tabletop Gaming Center is open so you don't sit around on your coffee table any longer. That way of life is outdated. Come have a seat at our table! Many of our events offer prizing, so if you feel you are the best at a particular game, come prove it! There is never a dull moment when you're at the Tabletop Gaming Center.

Dungeons & Dragon Campaigns 

You can expect us to have weekly D&D and weekly Magic the Gathering meet-ups in person. Weekly events for Pokemon, Warhammer 40k, A Bolt Action Theatre League, Cardfight Vanguard D-Standard every Wednesday. Flesh & Blood on Thursdays. Casual Boardgaming on Mondays and Fridays. Weekly Pokemon Tournaments and Pokemon leagues. All are welcome from the casual gamer to the most experienced competitor.

Even if you can’t make it in-person we have ways you can stay connected to us virtually. 

Come watch our players as they unite LIVE on twitch.

There you can frequent episodes of Feedback Loop which is a D&D twitch stream that we 

Produce. Feedback Loop great and primarily used for playtesting original content our store is working on as well as our other streams

We have Brunch and Build on Saturdays where people can chat with our employee Salem while working on Gunpla/Model Kits, and we do very large historical gaming streams every 6 months,  sponsored by Warlord games.

Come watch our episodes each Tuesday at 7 pm Eastern Time on our Twitch

Hours of Feedback Loop and Brunch & Build content recapping our twitch streams available on our YouTube we would appreciate and if you liked our videos and subscribed to our pages.

Follow our Facebook to stay up to date about what upcoming events our tabletop game store is hosting. Our instagram feed (@tabletopgamingct) has announcements as well if you prefer that method. 

Inclusive and Enjoyable Experiences

We are proud of this diversity of content and hope to see you interact with it. We hope to connect people looking to grow the popularity of your favorite tabletop game store in CT. We put a lot of work into introducing tabletop games to the local community.

We have been able to welcome over 500 community members on our Discord. This is where you can ask us questions and introduce yourself to the community. 

Registration links available for our larger events, if one of them is giving you trouble just give us a call at (860) 436-2213. Be sure to swing by for our next event at 741 New Britain Ave, Newington, CT 06111 in the Twin City Plaza located next to Family Dollar and Veggie World.

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