Unison Warrior 4 Store Championship
Dragon Ball Super

Hey Dragonball Super players are you ready for our Unison Warrior 4 championship?

We will be hosting our store championship as a webcam event through Discord.

There will be two possible event dates to participate in:

Saturday May 15th at 4pm
Saturday May 29th at 4pm

Players who wish to participate can sign up here: [link]

Entry will be $5.00 per person.


 - Singles

 - Constructed

 - Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event.

 - 60 minute, best of 3 game matches

Each Participant Receives:

  - Championship Pack 2021 Vol.1 (×2)

  - Event Pack 07 (×2)

The Winner Receives:

- Alt Art Card Set 2021 Vol.1 (×1)

- Final Championship Invite (no certificate)

Event will require a webcam and device capable of streaming video. This will be an Open Deck List event. Decklists will be required and must be submitted in advance. All decklists will be published in Discord thirty minutes prior to the start of the event, and everyone will be able to see all lists throughout the event

Promos will need to be picked up in store after the event concludes. Prizes not picked up within 30 days of the event’s conclusion will be assumed to be abandoned, and discarded.


You can find your by logging in to your account on https://global.carddass.com/club/bcc/

Include your full username including the numbers (ex. example#0000).

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